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With Chowders Shake-Ups, you'll never have to worry about what to have for dinner. My name is Courtenay Hachey, and I share a wide & wild variety of affordable Chowder and Shake-Up recipes through my food blog.

Shake-Ups Every Dish

I understand this cooking concept might not be instantly obvious, but give it a second thought. I think you'll find yourself amidst an "aha" moment! A crystal-clear way to visualize this is through what I like to call the "bowl-to-plate" concept.


How the Bowl-To- Plate Concept Works

You begin by making one tasty Chowder recipe of your
choice that is clearly served in a bowl. Another day, you
Shake-Up some of your leftover Chowder into a completely
unrecognizable dish that is served on a plate.


Creamy Chicken Corn Chowder

This is the perfect summer Chowder when sweet corn is in abundance. Pair it with a platter of BLTs for a beautiful summer table!

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Shake-Up: Chicken Corn Pesto Flatbread

Some of the leftover Chowder is transformed into a flatbread meal. Savor the great flavor combination of chicken, corn, pesto, cheese!


Shake-Up: Chicken Corn Penne Pasta

It includes a warm Chowder reduced by half, stirred with cooked penne pasta, and topped with grated parmesan cheese. That's pretty .

Pulled Chicken Chowder

"Cozy" is the first word that comes to mind when there's a pot of hearty chicken Chowder sitting on your stove. if you crave that warm and welcoming feeling, make your own Pulled Chicken Chowder today!


After five long days of work, takeaway is usually knocking at your door. However, why opt for these when you can make exciting meals on your own? Until then, turn to me for delicious & happy recipes to create at home & enjoy all week! Here are the basics:

Each recipe creates one Chowder dinner and three Shake-Ups per family of four. Doubling it will satisfy a family of six to eight, making four dinners for your week.